About Us

Neostar United Industrial Co., Ltd. founded in 1992, is a leading innovative products and services provider of Pharmaceuticals, Flavors & Fragrances, Agrochemicals and Performance Chemicals.Neostar United is committed to provide customers with all-round one-stop service, the scope of services throughout the product whole life cycle, from the laboratory R&D, pilot to commercial production, we do our best to meet the different needs of customers at different stages, help customers to shorten product development cycle, reduce R&D and production costs, achieve win-win situation.


Neostar United specializes in Anticancers, Antidiabetics, Antithrombosis, Antipsychotics, Antivirus and Cardiovasculars; Fragrances and Flavours; Pesticide Intermediates;Thermosensitive Paper Materials and Electronic Chemicals, etc. Our research projects in the domestic R&D field to maintain a leading level.


  • R&D

    Neostar United has several large R&d centers. Core R&D team members mainly from well-known colleges and universities, all have doctor and master's degree, more than two-thirds of them have overseas experience, have strong professional technical ability and innovation ability.

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  • Production

    Neostar United has the scale production capacity, can quickly satisfy the customer's product amplification and production demand. Providing custom service for chemical synthesis also can provide the corresponding research and development service by the customers’ requirements.

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  • Analysis &Test

    Neostar United is equipped with a variety of advanced testing instruments, can provide lots of services, such as routine analysis test, analysis methods development and validation, product structure validation,  spectral structure identification, stability research, physical property characterization and release test etc. We also cooperate with a number of well-known universities to provide a highly precise measurement method.

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  • Quality System

    The quality department is responsible for guiding and managing the whole company's quality control and quality assurance activities, so that the company's production activities comply with relevant laws, regulations and ISO standards, to ensure the stability of the product. Quality control personnel can also accompany customers to audit relevant factories and provide quality improvement plans for the factory, and so forth. 

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  • EHS System

    EHS management system is the integration of environmental management system (EMS) and occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS). EHS is the abbreviation of “Environment”, “Health” and “Safety”. EHS management system is service for the risk of EHS management.

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  • Warehousing Logistics

    Each major port has a special warehouse, which can be used to store all kinds of chemical products for customers. Freight forwarder with more than ten years transportation experience can accept express delivery, air transport, ocean consolidation or whole container transportation. We can also provide integrated transportation for our customers.

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