Flavors and Fragrances

  • As the growth of the world economy, the improvement of science & technology and the progress of human civilization, people's demand for the production field is also gradually toward a higher level of development. As supporting the fragrance and flavor industry along with the development of industry and accelerate the flavoring. With the improvement of consumption level constantly, people have more and more high requirement for quality of food, daily necessities. Pulled by the development of industry and consumer goods, the world development of Flavors & Fragrances industry is speed up. 

  • Neostar United mainly provides Perfumery, Flavors and Ingredients. Our products not only coagulate the intelligence and inspiration of our favorites but also absorb the essence of nature. We have strong ability of innovate and develop, and a team of experienced technologists, use the advanced laboratory apparatus to fully simulate the production and accurately master the product characteristics in the aspect of stability, solubility and aroma release in order to customize the fashionable products favored by end consumers.

  • Future, in the field of Flavors & Fragrances, Neostar United is not only a manufacture, but also a provider of strategic solution & service. We will continue to work harder and achieve greater success.