Social Responsibility

Corporate values:

Neostar United firmly believes that the long-term development of an enterprise is not only to create market value, but also to seek the balance between social welfare and commercial profits. We always stick to the value of "create value for customers, create benefits for the enterprise, create opportunities for employees, and create wealth for the society" since we founded, and realize the product and industrial diversification, highlights the effect of scale economy. 

Create value for society

Neostar United combined modern science, technology and industry together; transformed the well researched scientific achievements into the products we need; created unprecedented wealth for human beings; met the increasingly high demand of production and life; created value for society and made great efforts to seek human welfare at the same time.

Symbiosis with nature

 Neostar United understands that the natural environment is the basis of human survival, so our development should not be at the expense of the environment. Neostar United upholds the principle of “harmony with nature” and holds on the goal of the sustainable development of enterprises, making efforts to improve energy efficiency, and green technology development and utilization, creating resource-saving and environment-friendly and safe production enterprises, to build a green production technology group, to make their due contribution to the earth's environmental protection.