R&D Center

  • R&D center in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province

    Covers an area of 700 m2, with modern experimental conditions and office environment.R & D center mainly focus on technology development and application of biodegradable biopolymer materials, nano drug carriers, medical polymer materials. The main products are polyethylene glycol polyester thermohydrogel, silk fibroin hydrogel, medical polyurethane and so on.

  • R&D center in Ningjin, Hebei Province

    Covers an area of 1,200 m2, with 8 professional R & D laboratories, 2 pilot laboratories, 1 pilot laboratories at low temperature. The maximum reactor 100L of the R & D center can meet the temperature from -110 degree to 300 reaction. Mainly specializes in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Intermediates, and also in the synthesis of boronic acid derivatives & pyridine derivatives, the research and synthesis of new electrolyte and additives for lithium batteries.

  • R&D center in Shanghai

    Covers an area of 1,000 m2, with VAC type glove box, BiotageInitiator type microwave synthesizer, BiotageIsoleraOne type preparation liquid phase, JulaboAce type high pressure catalytic hydrogenation reactor and other large synthetic instruments. In the field of organic synthesis, drug chemistry and design, new pesticide research and development, the center has made great research and gained several patents.

  • R&D center in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province

  • R&D center in Ningjin, Hebei Province

  • R&D center in Shanghai

Key R&D Direction

  • Organic catalysis

    Exploitation and application of catalysis techniques, based on the techniques,develop and remold the structures of advanced medical intermediates(especially chiral intermediate),APIs and extract of natural plants.

  • Organic synthesis

    Methodological studies on asymmetric synthesis catalyzed by various types of AZA CABBEEN; synthesis of amino boronic acids and unnatural amino acids; total synthesis of natural active products.

  • Pharmacochemistry& Design

    The design of active compound protein crystal structure based on the scope of the study; in the anti-tumor, antiviral drugs (Hepatitis B, hepatitis C and so on), anti diabetic drugs, antithrombotic drugs, antipsychotic drugs and cardiovascular drugs; drug design for small molecular fragments library and target based on multilocus combinatorial chemistry.

  • New pesticide development and innovation

    Research on total synthesis of highly effective herbicides, sulfur chemistry & new agricultural (pharmaceutical) research and development of pharmaceutical intermediates.

  • Flavours&Fragrances

    Research and development of new flavor and flavor for daily use.

  • Performance Chemicals

    Research and development of new paper chemicals, textile chemicals, surfactants, electrolyte and additives for lithium batteries.

Core Technology

  • Anhydrous oxygen free reaction technology

    Some chemical reactions which are sensitive to air and water have been studied.

  • Rectification technology

    Separation and purification of liquid with similar boiling point were carried out by distillation method

  • Continuous flow technology

    The micro channel reaction technology is used to realize the accurate control of reaction, which can improve the purity and yield, and ensure the process stability and operation safety.

  • Green Chemical Technology

    The company is committed to the study of the economy is technically feasible, using recycled materials that do not produce pollution to the environment, and harmless to humans in the design, manufacture and the use of chemicals, to reduce until to eliminate the use of reaction materials, reaction process, reaction products with the production and use of the reaction and the solvent which are harmful to human’s health and the environment. The company tries it’s best not to produce by-products as much as possible, and make full use of resources to achieve the recycling of resources to meet the needs of sustainable development.