2023.9.22-9.25 Team Activity Trip to Changsha---Neostar United International Sales Department Team

Autumn is here and the weather is getting cooler. In order to relieve stress in busy work and enhance communication among colleagues, Neostar United (Changzhou) Industrial Co., Ltd. specially organized and arranged a team-building activity of "ride the wind and waves and forge ahead".

On the morning of September 22, everyone gathered in Changzhou North Railway Station and took the high-speed train to Changsha, Hunan, arriving in Changsha at 1 p.m. After a short rest, we met at the nostalgic WenYouHe in the evening, experienced the night culture streets of Pozi Street and Sifang Ping, and took photos with the IFS Building.

On the morning of September 23, we took a small train to Juzizhoutou and took photos with Chairman Mao and a group photo of the company.

In the afternoon, we arrived at our destination: Yuelu Mountain. Yuelu Mountain is 300 meters above sea level and has beautiful scenery. The air here is fresh and the vision is broad; we also experience teamwork---climbing mountains; just like our corporate spirit, we climb up step by step, and work steadily to create more glory for the company. Everyone encourages each other and unites as one, fully embodying our company's spirit of not being afraid of difficulties.

We also visited Yuelu Academy of Hunan University. Yuelu Academy is located among lush pines and cypresses. There are many tourists and students here who come to visit and study. In 2020, President Xi also visited Yuelu Academy. Yuelu Academy displayed the ideas of combining Marxist principles and China's excellent traditional culture, and continued to inspire people's thoughts.

On September 24, we visited the Changsha Museum to learn about the historical changes of this revolutionary city.

On the evening of September 24th, we strolled along Chaozong Street. Ancient buildings and stone roads. These are the marks of history; unique shops and colorful neon lights create a cyberpunk future city; we seem to see the fusion of the past and the future, reflecting a different Changsha style.

9.25 We reluctantly left Changsha.


Changsha is beautiful and we will miss it.