The year-end party of Neostar United in 2024 Riding the wind and waves to create brilliance together

On February 2, 2024, Neostar United successfully held the year-end party with the theme of "Braving the wind and waves to create brilliance together" in the banquet of Motuluni. This party is not only a summary of hard work in the past year, but also a grand event full of expectations for future development.

This party started with many wonderful performances. Johnny Cao (the CEO of Neostar United) gave a wonderful speech. He reviewed the brilliant achievements of Neostar United in 2023 and put forward clear goals and prospects for the work in 2024At the same time, Johnny expressed his gratitude to the technicians and workers who were absent from the field ,They always contribute to the development of the company.It is their hard work that allows the Neostar United to develop steadily grow.

In the new year, Neostar United will continue to strive for better performance.

The following event is the highly anticipated draw, instantly igniting the atmosphere!

Firstly,Mr Hong(the manager of Neostar United (Changzhou) Industrial Co., Ltd.)selected 10 winners of the third prize (fine four-piece set).

Then Johnny Cao (CEO of Neostar United Group )to drew 6 winners of the second prize (Chao Hongji Gold jewelry).

Lastly,Mr Shi(the manager of Neostar United (Changzhou) Chemical Research Co., Ltd. )announced the winner of two first prize (¥1666 cash ).

This part let the employees present feel the company's care and gratitude and enhance the friendship and unity between each other.


During the party,all members of the Neostar United Group raised their glasses to celebrate the bright future.


The departments of Neostar United have prepared colorful programs. These performances added joy and celebration to the scene. Songs, happy dances, sketch performances and other programs are staged in turn, which shows the versatility and unity of Neostar United employees.

With the arrival of night, the welcome party is drawing to a close. Everyone wishes Neostar United greater success in the new year. The old year has been full of glory, and the new year will be full of glory. Let's meet again next year!