CPHI Barcelona 2023

From October 24 to 26, the World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Europe Exhibition 2023 (CPHI Barcelona) was held in the Grand Avenue Pavilion of the Barcelona Convention Center, Spain.Neostar United was led by the group leader Mr. Cao to participate in this exhibition.

At the exhibition site, the front of Neostar United was crowded, and the audience was enthusiastic about the products of us. With excellent professionalism, the team of Neostar United showed excellent product quality and attracted the attention of many viewers.

During the exhibition, Neostar United made a detailed introduction to new and regular customers about product development, production capacity and quality control system. On the basis of consolidating the regular customers, it also let the potential customers have a relatively comprehensive understanding.

The successful holding of the raw materials exhibition not only provided a platform for Neostar United to show its strength, but also injected new vitality into the development of the global pharmaceutical raw materials industry.