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People-oriented humane management, improve the working environment, and employees value growth, the implementation of pay and benefits, career development, capacity building and other human resource policies to promote human resources management continued innovation.

Promote employee happy work: Shorten the management chain, streamline workflow, optimize assessment indicators, reduce line operating pressure and complexity, reduce inefficient, ineffective labor, improve overall productivity.

Improve staff quality of life: a rich cultural and spiritual life of employees, to solve practical problems of employees, creating a harmonious interpersonal atmosphere, enhance staff emotional care, and effectively do practical things for employees, employees to solve problems.

Mental health care staff: establish smooth channels, the company has always maintained close contact with the senior managers of frontline staff to ensure that each soul to give timely response to the demands of the staff and reasonable solution; shaping the sunshine state of mind, and guide employees to enhance the mental capital, build employee psychological assistance platform to help employees prevent, respond to, relieve a variety of occupational mental health problems and crises, help employees grow healthy physical and mental harmony.

Employees value growth: labor management continued to deepen the integration of the results of the implementation of pay and benefits, career development, capacity building and other human resources policies, good for employees, especially frontline staff support in terms of processes, management and mechanisms to enhance the staff caring for the organization career development and perception, increase employee loyalty, satisfaction and a sense of belonging. Appropriately adjust the proportion of grade qualifications, improve all kinds of internal personnel promotion channels, reduce mix Kong, the 

establishment of an orderly, fair and open career development mechanisms; based on prices and labor market changes, appropriate adjustments to remuneration, salary adjustment methods clear; the implementation of rest and vacation and other welfare policies, put forward initiatives or recommendations;

Implementation of psychological assistance (EAP): EAP to promote the implementation of the project, enhance employee stress resistance. Conduct employee attitude survey, to find out the causes of employee stress; strengthen EAP propaganda, and guide employees to establish a good "physical and mental harmony" concept, through EAP newsletter, columns and the use of billboards or posters, banners, cards and other forms of self-promoting employees fully understand EAP, an active interest in mental health; organization of various personnel psychological capital to enhance training, grassroots, middle management and staff training stratified import; establish friendly exchange platform, using flying letters, text messages, phone messages and other virtual platforms and staff to carry out one to one exchange to help employees cope with stress, conduct crisis intervention; the establishment of "spiritual communication room" and accept one counseling staff, maintenance staff healthy attitude; organized mental classroom, depending on the type of employee needs, appropriate lectures, relieve psychological distress.

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