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At the stage of industrialization, improving energy efficiency is to reduce carbon emissions the most effective way, and the energy efficiency of space is very large. In developed economies, the third of the building emissions, one-third of transport emissions, one-third of industrial emissions.

Industrial energy efficiency improvements space is also very large. Since China is a developing country, the most advanced technology, the most backward technology, too. Like the steel industry, China has some leading-edge technology, such as the level of the comprehensive energy consumption per ton of medium-sized iron and steel enterprises is relatively low, but the small and backward steel-making technology is high energy consumption, emissions more. This means to speed up the elimination of backward production capacity. Electricity, China certainly can not be separated at this stage of thermal power, it will have a big pressure, supercritical, ultra-supercritical generating units, so that emissions per unit of electricity to a minimum. China in the steel, cement, chemicals, machinery and other fields of investment is very large, "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" proposed the elimination of small thermal power, small cement plants, paper-making, have achieved very good results.

Development of low-carbon economy the way for China to achieve a fundamental change in the economy provides a rare opportunity. Low carbon development path, both fundamental way to deal with global climate change, but also the internal demand of domestic sustainable development. Development of low-carbon economy is conducive to China's economic development process of a breakthrough resources and environment constraints bottlenecks, taking a new road to industrialization; conducive to conform to the trend of the world economic and social change, the formation of policy and institutional mechanisms to improve the security system for sustainable development; there conducive to promoting China's industrial upgrading and technological innovation, to build the future of the international competition of China; there is conducive to promoting the process of the world's response to climate change, the global environmental affairs and establish our good image of a responsible big developing country.

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