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Analysis of the industry status quo of China's pharmaceutical intermediates

The pharmaceutical industry requires a lot of specialty chemicals, the reason the pharmaceutical industry on their own production, but with the requirements of the social division of labor and production of technological progress, the pharmaceutical industry will be a number of pharmaceutical intermediates referred to the chemical production. Pharmaceutical intermediates is a fine chemical products, the production of pharmaceutical intermediates has become a major new industry in the international chemical industry.
 On the one hand, exports of pharmaceutical intermediates, unlike drugs that will be subject to the limitations of the importing country; the other hand, the United States and Europe, many large pharmaceutical companies asked to consider the production cost savings and environmental protection, and more reliable quality of imports from developing countries pharmaceutical intermediates; at the same time, pharmaceutical intermediates industry has some particularities, making China the world, occupies a considerable advantage in this industry. This gave China's pharmaceutical intermediates business brought excellent business opportunities.

At present, China's annual raw materials and intermediates in about the chemical industry, more than 2000 kinds of demand of 2.5 million tons. After 30 years of development, China's medicine needed for the production of chemical raw materials and intermediates can basically supporting the need to import only a small part due to China's resource-rich, low prices of raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates and large supply of exports.

Bulk drugs and intermediates

1, antibiotics and intermediates

Antibiotics are divided into β-lactams, sulfonamides, quinolones.

(1) beta-lactam antibiotics

At present, almost all of the beta-lactam antibiotics in China can produce, and low cost; supporting intermediate of beta-lactam antibiotics, in addition to semi-synthetic antibiotic nucleus 7-ACA and 7-ADCA need some of the imported , also in China almost all able to produce, and a large number of export.

The fluoroquinolone antibiotics are developed in the early 1970s, a new class of anti-infectives. As the amount of the largest, most extensive use of traditional antibiotics penicillin used for many years, have some resistance, part of the population are allergic to penicillin can not be used. Fluoroquinolone bactericidal spectrum broader, less side effects, and the price is moderate, as the rapid development in recent years, a class of antibiotics. China has developed and put into mass production fluoroquinolone norfloxacin, ciprofloxacin, ofloxacin, enoxacin, lomefloxacin, fleroxacin magnitude. Including norfloxacin, ciprofloxacin, ofloxacin, the largest production volume, accounting for 98% of the total output of the fluoroquinolone.

Two antipyretic analgesics and intermediates

The same time, due to the synthesis process of antipyretic analgesics more serious pollution, the United States and Western Europe are gradually abandoning the production of its bulk drugs and instead buy from China, increased production of antipyretic analgesics soon expected in the future will continue to about 8% growth rate.

(1) manufacturing enterprises for the private sector and operating flexibility; the scale of investment, basically in the number 1000000-12 10 million.

(3) country more and more attention on environmental issues, which requires manufacturers must develop an environmental treatment facilities for the private sector is the small scale of production, this expenditure will bring them a lot of pressure.

(4) pharmaceutical intermediates production of one of the most important feature of the production update speed, 3-5 years, profit margins dropped significantly. This forced the enterprises to continue to develop new products and continuously improving production process in order to maintain higher production profits.

(5)due to the production of pharmaceutical intermediates profit higher than that of chemical products, both the production process is basically the same, so there will be a growing number of small chemical companies to join the ranks of the production of pharmaceutical intermediates, leading to the disorder in an increasingly competitive industry.

(6) the manufacture of intermediates and bulk drugs, compared to low profit margins, while the bulk drugs and pharmaceutical intermediates production process, a result, some enterprises have not only the production of intermediates, but to use their own advantage, and began producing bulk drugs. Experts have pointed out, the development of the production of pharmaceutical intermediates, bulk drugs direction is an inevitable trend.

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