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Changzhou Neostar United Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Neostar United Industrial Co., Ltd. Our company is a high-tech enterprise specialized in research, production and sale of bulk pharmaceutical chemicals and intermediates.,Changzhou Neostar United Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in research, production and sale of bulk pharmaceutical chemicals and intermediates. Our company has leading product research capacity, advanced production equipment, excellent testing instrument, standard management system, complete environmental protection system and outstanding staffs. Currently, there are multiple production lines. Reasonable percentage technologies are domestic original. In addition, we cooperate with many world famous pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises based on principle of mutual-benefit.
What’s more, our company has comprehensive chemical synthesis and manufacturing capacity. We have the ability to complete chemical reaction and chiral synthesis. Therefore, we can serve wide customers with high-quality medical intermediates at reasonable price. Our company focuses on research and development of bulk materials and intermediates of antineoplastic, antiviral and cardiovascular drugs. For some varieties, we have completed scale production.
Our company has established complete GMP-standard quality guarantee system, including HPLC, GC, UV testing equipments and experienced quality management team. Some products have passed GMP authentication.
Insisting on management tenet of “high quality, high efficiency and high reputation”, our company pursues of harmonious development among enterprise benefit, staff benefit and social benefit. Changzhou Neostar United Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. welcomes wide colleagues to visit us. We expect to create brilliant future together with you!

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