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Neostar United Industrial Co., Ltd. founded in 1993, is a comprehensive enterprise group, which committed to medicine, pesticide and related chemical products research, development, production and sales. Company has established long-term stable business relations with dozens of international pharmaceutical chemical enterprises over 20 years and provided quality products and services to more than 50 countries and regions in the world, owned unanimous trust and favorable comment of customers. 
Since established, company always adhere to the principle of people-oriented and honest career, assemble the industry elite, combine foreign advanced information technology, management methods and experience with the reality of domestic enterprises, which provide a full range of solutions, help enterprises to improve management level and production capacity, make the enterprise in the fierce market competition always remain competitive, to reach the company fast and steady development. 
Future, Neostar United will be adhering to the “Create value for customers, create benefits for the enterprise, create opportunities for employees, create wealth for the society.” corporate value and “Harmonious innovation, developing market, corporately striving and create future” spirit of enterprise for the lofty mission. Through the implementation of strategic development, to build large-scale pharmaceutical chemical products and services, network coverage of the channel and terminal marketing; establish in line with international standards of quality management system; innovate business model, integrate industrial chain resources, improve competitiveness and profitability, become the sustainable development of the green innovative companies.

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